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Missing Persons' Cases 1997
April - June

Armando Valenzuela Munoz Missing since April from Riverside, California
Manuel Chabarria Jr. Missing since April 1 from Arlington, Texas
Joseph Toner Missing since April 1, 1997 from Eugene, Oregon
Stanislaw Balinski Missing since April 3 from Texas
Patrick J. Beavers Missing since April 3 from Idaho
Bertha Rojas Maldonado Missing since April 4 from Naucalpan, Mexico
Brandie R. Hicks Missing since April 5, 1997 from Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Ohio
Federico Supnet Missing since April 5 from Oasis, California
Vivian Aileen Trout Missing since April 6 from Miami Beach, Florida
Troy Michael Anderson Missing since April 7, 1997 from Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County, California
Kim Ann Gonzalez Missing since April 9 from Virginia Beach, Virginia
Lester Edward Patten Missing since April 11, 1997 from Vancouver, Clark County, Washington
Melanie Lee Marion Warren Missing since April 11 from Savannah, Chatham County, Georgia
Frederick Lagrelle Missing since April 12 from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta
John Breckinridge Hart Missing since April 15 from East Lansing, Clinton County, Michigan
Salvador Bonadona Missing since April 16 from Ascension County, Lousiana
DeAngelo Marquis McNeil Missing since April 17 from Texas
Juliandra Elizabeth Jones Missing since April 20 from California
Kellie Little Missing since April 23 from Vancouver, British Columbia
Toni Ann Bachman Missing since April 25 from Minnesota
Crystal Haag Missing since April 26 from Baltimore, Maryland
Syble Brumley Missing since April 28 from Mansfield, Louisiana
Austin Cole Hernandez Missing since April 28 from Tehachapi, California
Janie June Coe Missing since April 29 from Petaluma, California
Debra Marie Horgan Missing since April 29 from Albuquerque, New Mexico
Michelle Lynn Lorence Missing since April 29, 1997 from Detroit, Wayne County, Michigan
Kam Lee Missing since April 30 from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Hubert Lee Wilson Missing since April 30 from Greensboro, North Carolina
Sherline Johnson Missing since May 1 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Kai Aslak Smaaland Missing since May 3 from Miami, Florida
Kevin Eugene Russell Missing since May 5 from Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan
Gregory Keith Mann Jr. Missing since May 10 from Texas
Sandra Cifuentes Missing since May 11, 1997 from Marlboro, Monmouth County, New Jersey
Gerald Jensen Missing since May 11 from Surrey, British Columbia
Melvin Paul Hoel Missing since May 12 from Longview, Alberta
Darold Kishayinew Missing since May 12 from Regina, Saskatchewan
Kirsten Renee Hatfield Missing since May 14 from Oklahoma
Donald Eugene Riesen Missing since May 19 from Carrollton, Georgia
Wayne Kareem Goff Missing since May 20 from Mattapan, Massachusetts
David Clarence Beneteau Missing since May 22, 1997 from Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona
Sterling Thomas Porter Missing since May 25 from Greensboro, North Carolina
Heather Dawn Mullins Zimmerman Missing since May 26 from Gifford, Illinois
Constance Wooten Missing since May 26 from Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Andrew Willis Missing since May 29, 1997 from Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz County, California
Vanessa Dawn Smith Missing since May 31 from Winton, California
John G. Weeks Missing since May 31, 1997 from Morley, Mecosta County, Michigan
Michelle Denise Chrysler Missing since June 1 from Gary, Lake County, Indiana
Terrie Lee Holland Missing since June 1 from Alexander, Saline County, Arkansas
Shannon Dale Verhage Missing since June 3 from Cedar Springs, Michigan
Hannah Marie Zaccaglini Missing since June 4 from California
Robert Gene Weems Missing since June 5 from Florence, Alabama
Catherine Chiang Missing since June 6 from New York
Deborah Suzzane Johnson Missing since June 6 from Phoenix, Arizona
Lori Ceci Bova Missing since June 7 from Lakewood, New York
Frank James Singer Jr. Missing since June 10 from California
Christopher Corban Fulcher Missing since June 15 from Hyattsville, Maryland
Larry Watts Missing since June 16 from Mesa County, Colorado
Gregory Downes Howells Missing since June 17 from Carmel Valley, California
Kelvin Axl Ora Zdarski Missing since June 17 from Waterhen Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Racheal Dawn Hayson Missing since June 20 from Richmond, Missouri
Jimmy Charles Dixon Missing since June 22 from Marshall, Texas
Kyle Rae Missing since June 22, 1997 from Marysville, California
Andre Donielle El Missing since June 23 from Nashville, Tennessee
Kristen Deborah Modafferi Missing since June 23 from San Francisco, California
Janet Gail Henry Missing since June 25 from Vancouver, British Columbia
Robert Frank Urton, Sr. Missing since June 26, 1997 from Lakeside, Navajo County, Arizona
Michele Fawcett Missing since June 27 from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Nathan Blaine McGraw Missing since June 30, 1997 from Denham Springs, Livingston Parish, Louisiana


1997 Cases; January - March 1997 Cases; July - September


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