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Missing Persons' Cases January - March 2012

Tomas Nunez Missing since January 1 from Weslaco, Texas
Brandy Rene Wesaquate Missing since January 1 from Regina, Saskatchewan
Peter Burns Greene Missing since January 2 from Okanogan County, Washington
Victor Saul Ramirez Missing since January 3 from Los Angeles County, California
Bobby Nelson Missing since January 5 from Mineral Point, Washington
George Willie Bellamy Missing since January 7, 2012 from Clinton, Prince George's County, Maryland
Kathryn Bene Griffin Missing since January 7, 2012 from Portsmouth, Virginia
Robert Andrew Sillan, Jr Missing since January 7 from Ridgewood, New York
Vicky Lynn Burross Missing since January 8, 2012 from Strawberry Plains, Jefferson County, Tennessee
Jason Reil Missing since January 12, 2012 from Brunswick, Maine
David Li Missing since January 15, 2012 from Metairie, Louisiana
Ernest John Macadaeg Missing since January 18 from Davis, California
Joyanne Houk Missing since January 19, 2012 from Austin, Travis County, Texas
Kristopher David Clarke Missing since February 22, 2012 from New Town, Mountrail County, North Dakota
Royal Foote Missing since January 22 from Daly City, California
Shaun Thornhill Missing since January 23 from Rayville, Richland County, Louisiana
Daniel James Piirainen Missing since January 24 from Sparks, Nevada
Gene J. Cloud Jr. Missing since January 25 from Jackson County, Wisconsin
Jessica Lynn Garino Missing since January 25, 2012 from Goldsboro, Wayne County, North Carolina
Clinton Jeffery Missing since February 1, 2012 from Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois
David Laverne Wobig Missing since February 3 from Baldwin, Wisconsin
Brian Willis Missing since February 4, 2012 from Harris County, Texas
Robert Earl Sine Missing since February 6 from Skagit County, Washington
Kathy Lawson-Arredondo Missing since Febuary 11 from Houston, Texas
Mara Gorelik Missing since February 13 from Brooklyn, New York
Harlan Dennis Missing since February 14 from Phoenix, Arizona
Thomas Edward Lamoree II Missing since February 14 from Albany, New York
James Lamar Tidwell Missing since February 15, 2012 from Mount Enterprise, Rusk County, Texas
Vanessa Anne Fotheringham Missing since February 16 from London, Ontario
Maria Salazar Missing since February 16 from Snowville, Utah
Jannah Abuhamda Missing since February 21 from Overland Park, Kansas
Jehad Abuhamda Missing since February 21 from Overland Park, Kansas
Edhem Abuhamda Missing since February 21 from Overland Park, Kansas
Caelan Cyrus Howard Missing since February 21, 2012 from Brooklyn, New York
Jonathan A. Schrattenholzer Missing since February 21 from Clarkston, Asotin County, Washington
Thomas Riley Missing since February 28 from Houston, Texas
Brian Dale Caldwell Missing since March 1, 2012 from Springfield, Oregon
Stephen Lee Robertson Missing since March 1, 2012 from Boynton Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
Robert Thompson Missing since March 1 from Knoxville, Tennessee
Logan Scott Mayfield Missing since March 2, 2012 from Dallas, Dallas County, Texas
Jennifer Gomez Missing since March 3 from San Bernardino, California
Robert T Breed II Missing since March 5, 2012 from Winchester Bay, Douglas County, Oregon
Bakr Hizi Missing since March 6 from White Marsh, Maryland
Ricky Leonard Harrison Missing since March 8 from Mocksville, North Carolina
Michael Steven Bickel Missing since March 9, 2012 from Portage, Porter County, Indiana
William Moore Missing since March 10 from Pecan Plantation, Grandbury, Texas
James Roger Tant Missing since March 10 from South Pittsburg, Marion County, Tennessee
Colin W. Gillis Missing since March 11 from Tupper Lake, Franklin County, New York
Luther Henderson Missing since March 13 from Dover, Delaware
Jamee Christine Grossman Missing since March 16, 2012 from Billings, Yellowstone County, Montana
Steven Curtis Jones Missing since March 16, 2012 from Texarkana, Bowie County, Texas
Sierra Lamar Missing since March 16 from Morgan Hill, California
Marjorie Gayle McCaffrey Missing since March 16, 2012 from Charleston, Charleston County, South Carolina
Derek Joseph Lueking Missing since March 17 from Cherokee, Swain County, North Carolina
Dominick Brown-Hill Missing since March 22 from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania
Timothy Geren Missing since March 23, 2012 from Modesto, California
Marion Bobby Gresham Sr. Missing since March 25, 2012 from Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia
Patrice Lynae Smith Missing since March 25 from Little Rock, Pulaski County, Arkansas
Rianna Persaud Missing since March 27 from Hawthorne, New York
Casey Clark Missing since March 28 from Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas
Monica Dolores Missing since March 28, 2012 from Plano, Collin County, Texas
Ricky Lee Frayer Missing since March 29, 2012 from Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio
Vilet Patricia Torrez Missing since March 30 from Miramar, Florida
Jerson Yusajcip Missing since March 30, 2012 from Immokalee, Florida

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2012 Cases; April - June


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